How to Manage Phone Settings from your Device.


Active Call Features

  • Check Voicemail – Press *98
  • Call Recording– Press *2
  • Attended Transfer to Internal Number– Press *4
  • Send call directly to VM – Press *5
  • Call Park– Press *9


1. Dial *98 from any extension in the office followed by your extension number when prompted or just enter your extension number from your phone

2. Enter voicemail password

3. Press 5 to access Advanced Options

Call Forward 

  • Call Forward from ExtensionPress*72
  • Cancel Call Forward– Press *73

Call Park

  • Press *9 on the keypad or “call park” soft key on your phone.
  • The call gets assigned an extension where the call is parked and it is announced to the user 85xx(where xx is a number starting from 01 to 99)

Call Recording

  • Press *2 from your phone while in call to record your phone conversation

Call Conferencing 

These settings are controlled by a user when they are in a call conference that is set up from the Siarum dashboard

  • 1 = toggle mute
  • 4 = decrease listening volume
  • 6 = increase listening volume
  • 7 = decrease talking volume
  • 8 = leave conference
  • 9 = increase talking volume


  • Press 001 on the keypad or soft key on your phone.
  • The phones programmed for intercom setting with then open and the person initiating the intercom then speaks. All phones will play the message in real time.

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