IVR Functionality 

By adding an IVR menu to your call system you can filter out calls based on the callers needs for example: hours of operation, business location and directions, sales support, etc.

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Customize your Business Phone System

Siarum Ring’s IVR menus are the initial audio greeting that tells callers which key to press to reach your web or desktop phones, groups or even your voicemail. (example: “Press 1 for sales…”). Set up your menu with your customized recording to give important information like your company directory, business hours and any other important information you need to present.

Easily add IVR to your application

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customers call your business– They are greeted with pre-recorded voice, including a menu of options they can select by pressing keys on their phone.
  2. Customers select what they need– They can accomplish many routine tasks in the IVR without talking to an agent but then they can easily be transferred to an agent who will have the context of their call when answering.

Its as simple as that!

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