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From cost savings to increased mobility, Siarum Ring helps businesses immediately and for the long-term. Hosted Voice can lower voice communications costs, improve team collaboration, and free up IT resources. Plus, your business will be able to scale more rapidly than ever before with Siarum workflow tools.


Siarum Recruit is an easy-to-use Job Board posting software for organizations of all sizes that want to maximize their time, their money and still attract amazing talent. The entire aim and focus of Siarum Recruit  tracking software is to make your job posting process easier and to be your ally at every step.


Siarum Reach helps you increase employee productivity and facilitate the sharing of data, ideas and collaboration across teams. Siarum Reach’s Internet and Data Services offer turnkey solutions for email, instant messaging, backups, office applications, cloud security and voice solutions.


Siarum Connect is our a unique built-in CRM that allows your sales people to handle every aspect of the sale right from the dashboard. From the initial sales call all the way through invoicing. Integrate your Outlook and use Siarum Connect as your inbox. Route all your calls, texts, emails and chat into your clients profile.

What Is Siarum?

Siarum consolidates all your business tools into one single platform. Sales, marketing, HR, payroll, accounts receivable, recruiting, communications, email, cloud security and text just to name a few. Your able to eliminate multiple vendors and combine your entire company operations in one place. When you communicate with clients, you will generally get a phone call, text or an email. Siarum Intelligent Communications Software will organize these communications and store the data in your clients profile. Every call, text and email is recorded and Siarum allows you to access these conversations in real-time whenever your need it. With our outlook email and calendar integration, Siarum will become your inbox. Siarum is intelligent enough to route an email from a client right into their activity log. Siarum automates this process to help shorten the sales cycle.

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Just a few of our top features Siarum has to offer!!!

“When a client call, text or email to your company, the information is brought right into the Siarum system and a new contact is automatically created.”

call-logWhen an incoming or outgoing call is made, it is recorded and placed in to the Siarum Ring call log. Each call is recorded for legal and training purposes. Reps will never wonder what their conversation was with a client again. You can even sort and save the call lists and send out personalized text or call broadcasts with the click of a button. With Siarum Ring’s robust reporting feature, you now have all the data you need to intelligently make hiring or sales decisions instantly. You know what advertising sources are producing, you know the time of day most of your calls are coming in. You even have the ability to do video conferencing with your client.

“Siarum Recruit has a flexible and easy to use arrangement in place for the assignment of jobs. Applicants are automatically assigned to the jobs that they apply for and multiple jobs can be assigned to the same applicant depending on the recruiter’s needs.”

The recruapp2iter also has the ability to be able to track the status of each and every applicant through the Siarum Recruit interface. The status of any applicant can be changed by the recruiter and any active job in the system can be assigned to any applicant as long as the person making the assignment is the recruiter who is responsible for managing that particular applicant. The sample screen grabs display the ease of use with which the status of any particular applicant can be changed. The user can also select from a list of active jobs and assign any of them to any particular applicant as long as the applicant is associated with that recruiter.

“When a client or an applicant makes a call, text or email to your company, the information is brought right into the Siarum system and a new contact is automatically created.”


CallWith Siarum Connect, now you are able to click the TEXT, CALL or EMAIL button right from the dashboard and send a message instantly to the client or job candidate. When the person replies, the message instantly displays in the Siarum dashboard. Siarum Connect gives the sales rep or recruiter real-time alerts letting them know a message has come in. Each time a client or candidate calls in on your number, Siarum Connect routes the call right into your dashboard and knows which client or candidate is calling. Never miss a clients reply again.

“Siarum is fully integrated with Outlook, Gmail or any other email client you may use. All you do is connect your account to Siarum and now Siarum acts as your inbox”


Now you can use your company outlook email and appointment calendar right from the Siarum dashboard. With our outlook integration anytime you send an email or schedule an appointment. It is tracked in the Siarum dashboard. Siarum now acts as your inbox and will route emails from clients right into the clients profile. This save time and effort each time your rep needs to access an email for any client. They just go into the client profile and there it is. You can even schedule the next appointment with your client right from the Siarum dashboard.

“Siarum is designed to allow the sales rep to send and receive proposals right from the dashboard or mobile app”


Siarum is designed to allow sales reps the ability to create and customize proposals right in Siarum. The rep then emails the quote out to the client for approval. All the client does is sign the agreement with their online signature and click submit. The order is now complete. Now the rep just clicks “Convert to Invoice” and now you are ready to bill the client. Siarum even has the ability to accept client payments right from the dashboard. With our API you can integrate the invoicing with your accounting software.

Our Work Flow


With Siarum phones, your sales team now can call, text, chat or email any client right from the dashboard. And every communication with the client is recorded and logged into the activity screen of the client profile. Never again miss an important detail that could help you close deal.


With Siarum’s AppMAX, an easy to use job editor, you now can create a single job and assign it to any location you want throughout the US and Canada. Create hundreds of jobs in a matter of minutes and post them to hundreds of Job Boards.


Siarum has a unique built-in CRM that allows your sales people to handle every aspect of the sale right from the dashboard. From the initial sales call all the way through invoicing.


With our built-in tracking tools, Siarum is a Marketing departments dream. Now every dollar spend is tracked in the system for real-time ROI reporting. You now have the ability to track the source of your advertising and assign a budget to it.

Stay In Touch

With Siarum Connect now you can instantly connect with any client or applicant you miss. Siarum Connect allows you to set up emails to respond automatically if a client comes back to your web site, a landing page or anywhere you place our tracking code.

Internet and Data

With Siarum Internet and Data services now you can have all your services in one place. PMG helps you drive business performance, increase employee productivity and facilitate the sharing of data, ideas and collaboration across teams. PMG Technology’s Internet and Data Services offer turnkey solutions for email, instant messaging, backups, office applications, cloud security and voice solutions. PMG is partnered with hundreds of top data and internet companies around the country which allows us to provide you with the most secure and cost effective solutions provider in your area. PMG helps you dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of communications resources, applications and data in your organization, leveraging the flexibility, scalability, elasticity and cost-savings of the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s finally happened: After doing your research, sorting through hundreds of web sites, looking at the details of several CRM’s, Applicant Tracking Systems, Business Phone Systems and meeting with top executives, we finally built an all-in-one communications platform that integrates all your marketing systems needed for daily operations. We have developed a new communications workflow software your company desperately needs.

Siarum is the system that will be a perfect fit. Siarum will save you and your departments time, decrease the sales process, reduce lost applications and interview-scheduling headaches, make your marketing team more efficient, therefore reducing advertising costs. Choosing Siarum eliminates frustrated applicants, recruiters, sales people and managers.

That’s why Siarum was developed. We contacted many of your peers and had them make out lists of pain points you face every day with your current communications workflow. With the guidance of the people who will be using the system, and not just what a developer wants to build something, we were able to develop Siarum like no other communications workflow has been developed. We have added features which combines several systems into one so Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Administration, HR and On-Boarding departments all work from the same system. Eliminating multiple files many companies have to keep up with for one client.

Will the system help you find the clients you’re seeking?
Not all clients are created equal, nor are the CRM and phone systems that can help you close them. Because of this, knowing who your buying clients are and when they are ready to buy will can help guide your sales team in closing the sale.


For example, are your ideal clients active on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? Siarum has client integration for all three sites.  Are you struggling with know all activity between reps and clients? Siarum tracks all communications and even alerts you when a client visits any website you own. Siarum even track the results in real-time. Helping you make better and more cost effective marketing and sales decisions. You know what works and what doesn’t in terms of your sales strategy.

Will this system fit your business needs five years from now?
It can be difficult enough to predict where your business and clients clients will be in five months—let alone five years. But it’s important to forecast a few years ahead so you can find a system that you’ll grow into, instead of one you’ll quickly grow out of.


That’s why we built Siarum as a cloud based SAAS. We understand that technology and your company needs are constantly changing. So we are continually adding new features to help your team be as efficient as they can possibly be.

Which features do you actually need?
Siarum is like your smartphone. We understand that all companies will not need all features Siarum has to offer, but with Siarum, you are able to turn on or off any feature you like at any time. So you are in full control of which features your employees and contractors have access to.


Does Siarum provide high quality support?
Because software implementation and usage rarely goes as planned, having high-quality support should be a big factor in determining what communication system you choose. Siarum support staff is always ready to help guide you through the system with chat, email or phone support. We even have a library of training videos to help you better understand how the system works. These videos are accessible right from the Siarum dashboard.


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